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about how we combine wisdom of science and power of nature in our products.

Coxivit Forte V11

Improving intestinal integrity in poultry


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Various preparations for horses and camels



Facilitates the elimination of mycotoxins from the organism.


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Prevents the accumulation of endotoxins and boosts immunity

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Nature – shares with us many centuries of experience in treating animals. Science - a technology that allows us to control this force and close it in every drop. This is how Pharmill products are created, distinguished by their high concentration of active substances thanks to carefully selected ingredients of natural origin. Our aim is to provide effective support for breeders and veterinarians in the interests of animal health.

Focused on natural ingredients

Our preparations contain active ingredients in high concentrations to ensure reliable effect. Check their composition.


We conduct research. We innovate

Our team constantly conducts research, develops new formulas and expands the available assortment. Get to know us better!


We operate worldwide

Our products are available practically all over the world. We invite to cooperation everyone who is looking for a natural alternative to synthetic ingredients.

Continuous development and cooperation

We are in contact with each of our customers. We constantly cooperate with veterinarians and breeders and respond to their needs. Stay up to date!