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Bactrill L400

The preparation is based on the extract from plants of the Allium L. family, obtained in a patented process, highly concentrated and stable in a wide range of temperatures and pH. The active substances of the preparation have an antibacterial and antifungal effect.


Poultry: In clinical studies, the preparation has shown inhibitory effects on the growth of bacteria isolated from clinical cases and originating from different poultry production groups.


Pigs: The preparation prevents attacks of Salmonella and E. coli and reduces the incidence of Coccidia and Cryptosporidium.


feed materials: propylene glycol, glycerine;
feed additives: (flavouring compounds) mixture of flavouring compounds.


Chicks: 50-100 ml/1000 l of water for 3-5 days in order to stabilise intestinal microflora.
Laying hens, chicken and turkey broilers and waterfowl: 50-100 ml/1000 l of water in continous dosage. For rapid stabilization of the intestinal microflora and increased immunity: 100-310 ml/1000 l of water for 3-5 days. It is recommended to use alternately with an acidifier.
Weaned piglets: 160-200 ml/1000 l of water fot 5-7 days.
Sows week before farrowing: 100-200 ml/1000 l of water.
Pigs during fattening period: 100-200 ml/1000 l of water for 5-7 days or 100-200 ml/1000 kg of feed in continous dosage.
Dissolve in warm/lukewarm water.

Available package

500 ml (bottle), 5 l (canister)

Bactrill L400
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Bactrill L400

Bactrill L400 - assessment of the properties of inhibiting the growth of bacteria isolated from...

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