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Quick release bolus for instant replenishment of calcium and phosphorus. The key element of effective prevention of hypoglycaemia are calcium compounds contained in the bolus, which release calcium ions already in the rumen and quickly supply the calcium to the cow's body. By using this solution, you can temporarily supplement calcium deficiencies and give the cow time to adapt to intensive production, without the risk of postpartum paralysis. To stabilize the level of calcium in the blood, the bolus also contains insoluble calcium salts, which, absorbed in the intestine, will prevent drastic fluctuations in calcium after 6 hours. from bolus delivery. The addition of organic selenium reduces the risk of retained placenta and strengthens the resistance of cows to infections. Vitamin D3 in the form of calcitriol improves the absorption of calcium.


Effects of Calcium-Pill:

  • calcium and phosphorus supplementation

  • reducing the risk of retained placenta

  • improving the process of calcium absorption

  • supporting immunity






feed materials: anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate, sorbitol, carnauba wax, magnesium stearate, Solanum glaucophyllum meal (including 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol glycosides);
feed additives (in 1 kg): (preservatives) calcium formate, calcium acetate; (stabilizers) microcrystalline cellulose; (vitamins) vitamin D3, vitamin E; (trace elements) selenomethionine (selenium)


dairy cows: on the day of calving, shortly after calving, administer 1-2 boluses by mouth using the applicator (adjust the number of boluses to the risk of milk fever). Administer an additional bolus after 8-12 hours. Do not exceed the dose of 3 boluses per day. Use max 2 days after calving.

Available package

6 boluses of 106g each, sealed in individual blisters