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Chelaphos Gel

Phosphorus and calcium are responsible for the structure of the skeleton. Phosphorus deficiency causes growth inhibitions and disorders of many organs. Chelaphos Gel is a rich source of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium in the form of quickly assimilated chelates. It restores the correct level of these elements in the body thanks to quick assimilation. Zinc in the form of protected nanoparticles (2000 times smaller than other forms of zinc) penetrates much faster through the intestinal walls and reaches the lymphatic system. It can be administered preventively as a supplement of phosphorus as well as interventionally in case of postnatal paralysis if its deficiency has been diagnosed. Administer also in case of anorexia. It supports correct metabolism and improves the absorption of nutrients.


monocalcium phosphate, glycerine (glycerol), coconut or palm oil esterified with glycerol, magnesium (magnesium chelate of glycine hydrate), calcium (calcium chelate of glycine hydrate), zinc (zinc oxide), mixture of flavouring compounds, technological additives


Cows: 100 ml per animal (one syringe) in single dose. Repeat dose after 12-24h.
Sheep and goats: 10-20 ml per animal in single dose. Repeat dose after 12-24h.

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100 ml (syringe)

Chelaphos Gel