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Diar Test

Diar Test provides an overview of the current pathogen situation in the population within just a few minutes and is a key element for effective therapy, allowing sick animals to be identified promptly and treated quickly.


For many years, diarrhea disorders have continued to be the main cause of deaths in calves during the first weeks of life. The spread of diarrhoea-causing pathogens can be up to 100 % within a farm operation. Moreover, it is not infrequent for there to be losses amounting to 30 %. Calves often suffer permanent damage, evident in the form of poorer performance or an increased susceptibility towards illnesses. Together with the treatment costs incurred, diarrhoea in calves reduces the economic return of a dairy farm. There is a fundamental distinction that needs to be made between infectious and non-infectious causes. Diarrhea in calves is mainly caused by infection, i.e. specific pathogens or multiple infections with a combination of pathogens are responsible for the development of the disease. Rotaviruses and coronaviruses, which cause considerable damage to the intestinal mucosa, and bacterial pathogens such as E. coli, which lead to increased excretion of water via the intestine. In the end, the calf literally “dries up.” Besides viruses and bacteria, cryptosporidia can also be the cause of severe diarrhea, either by themselves or in combination with rotaviruses and coronaviruses.


Single use product.

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Individually packed or multipack comprising 5 tests.

Diar Test