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A precisely selected mixture of anionic salts (the so-called bitter salts) aims at reinstatement of proper calcium metabolism. It acts through decreasing the cation anion difference (DCAD). It helps to lower blood pH, thanks to which it affects the functioning of parathormone regulating the release of calcium from bones. It limits the influence of excessive amounts of sodium and potassium absorbed from the feed and additionally provides an adequate dose of phosphorus. The preparation is especially recommended in the period directly before and after calving. The addition of natural substances supports also consumption of relevant amounts of water, which increases the absorption of the ingredients and improves sensory sensations.


glycerine, magnesium sulphate, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium phosphate, magnesium chloride, mixture of flavoring compounds, technological additives


Cows: 500 ml (one bottle) one day before calving and 500 ml on calving day.

Available package

500 ml (bottle)