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Garlic oleoresin supports the body in immunosuppressed states with an increased risk of exposure to pathogenic bacteria. It has a beneficial effect on the rumen microbiota and its fermentation profile. Tannins and clinoptilolite help in cleansing the body. They prevent the accumulation of endotoxins in the digestive tract, which can trigger a strong inflammatory reaction in the body. The high concentration of zinc and biotin plays a key role in the regeneration processes of the teat canal by stimulating the production of keratin. The keratin coating in the teats is the first barrier against invading pathogens. These components are also necessary for the proper growth of the hoof horn and are necessary for the differentiation of epidermal cells and the renewal of the rumen epithelium. The synergistic action of all ingredients allows you to reduce the number of somatic cells in a very short time, regenerates the epidermis, optimizes the absorption of nutrients and allows you to maintain a healthy bacterial flora of the digestive tract.


Effects of Herba-Pill:

  • supporting immunity

  • helping to cleanse the body of endotoxins

  • supporting the regeneration of the teat canal and the cells of the epidermis and epithelium of the rumen

  • reduction of somatic cells






feed materials: calcium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous, carnauba wax, magnesium stearate;
feed additives (in 1 kg): (binders) clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin, silicic acid, precipitated and dried; (stabilizers) hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; (flavoring substances) chestnut extract, garlic oleoresin; (vitamins) biotin, (trace elements) zinc.


cows: after giving birth, give 1 boluses a day directly into the mouth using the applicator. The dose may be repeated after 14 days.
NOTE: before using or extending the period of use, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian or nutrition specialist. The legal maximum content of zinc in complete feed must be respected. Simultaneous zinc supply from other sources should be avoided within 14 days of bolus administration.

Available package

6 boluses of 100g each, sealed in individual blisters