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Silymarin ensures the regeneration of hepatocytes, calms inflammation in the liver, captures free radicals and ensures the proper functioning of mitochondria. Protected methionine is necessary for the liver to produce the fat carrier VLDL, which drains fat from the liver to extrahepatic tissues, including the udder. L-carnitine as a transporter through the mtochondrial membrane enables the burning of long-chain fatty acids. B vitamins are necessary for biochemical transformations of carbohydrates and fats. Livo Pill bolus is a source of substances crucial for the functioning and regeneration of the liver. When used on the day of calving, it reduces the risk of developing severe steatosis, which results in very bad prognosis. The combined administration of Livo Pill and Energy Pill protects the liver and limits the development of ketosis.


Effects of Livo-Pill:

  • supporting the regeneration and proper functioning of the liver

  • reducing the risk of developing severe steatosis






feed materials: ground oak bark, carnauba wax, sorbitol, magnesium stearate;
feed additives (in 1 kg): (binders) 1m558i bentonite 200,000 mg; (flavouring substances) chestnut extract Castanea sativa Mill 150 000 mg; (stabilizers) E460 microcrystalline cellulose


cattle with body weight exceeding 350 kg: administer 1 or 2 boluses into the mouth using the applicator (adjust the number of boluses to the risk of milk fever). If necessary, an additional bolus can be given after 24 hours. Avoid administering simultaneously with macrolides.

Available package

6 boluses of 92g each, sealed in individual blisters