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Mangan PasteNEW

Preparation for foals with movement problems and limb contractures caused by manganese deficiency. It contains magnesium, zinc and copper in easily digestible forms, which additionally support the development of muscles and tendons. The composition is enriched with vitamin D3 essential for the young organisms and with natural antioxidant - vitamin E. The addition of glycerine provides an extra source of energy, while the milk-vanilla flavour makes the paste tasty.


copper (copper chelate), zinc (zinc chelate), manganese (manganese chelate), vitamin D3, vitamin E, mixture of flavouring compounds, guar gum, xanthan gum, gum arabic, technological additives


Foals: 15 ml per animal as a single dose. Repeat after 3 days.

Available package

15 ml (syringe)

Mangan Paste