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Osmo Tonic

Diarrhoea in calves is one of the most important problems in cattle breeding. Regardless of the cause, apart from stopping the diarrhoea, it is also important to equalize the water-electrolyte balance. A well-balanced amount of sodium, potassium and magnesium ions contained in the Osmo Tonic product helps to achieve this result. To ensure proper absorption of nutrients, the product has been enriched with glutamine, which thanks to its properties rebuilds the intestinal cells destroyed during diarrhoea. The content of sugars such as dextrose and inositol helps to regenerate the intestinal mucosa and restore the strength of the animal. Glycine supports detoxification processes. Magnesium additionally has strong calming, soothing properties, allowing the animal to be back in shape faster. Administer to avoid possible digestive disorders (diarrhoea), during such disorders or during the period of convalescence after their occurrence.


sodium chloride, dextrose, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium sulphate, inositol, propylene glycol, glycine, L-glutamic acid, mixture of flavouring compounds, citric acid, sodium propionate, technological additives


Calves: dissolve 25 ml in 1 l of lukewarm milk or water. Administer 2 times daily for 1-6 days.
Lambs and kids: dissolve 5-10 ml in 0,5 l of lukewarm milk or water. Administer 2 times daily for 1-6 days.

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500 ml (bottle)

Osmo Tonic