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Psyllium Equine PowderNEW

Preparation for removing sand from the digestive system of horses. The main component of the mixture is psyllium seeds with high fibre content and gelling properties, which strongly bind sand, facilitating its removal by improving intestinal peristalsis. A carefully selected combination of herbs improves digestion, reduces gases and strengthens the animals. Recommended for animals prone to constipation and colic caused by sand in the digestive system originating from pastures or poor-quality feed. The preparation is enriched with natural yeast-derived prebiotics, improving the balance of positive intestinal bacterial flora.


plantago seed ground, products from the processing of herbs, yeast products, lignocellulose, fatty acids esterified with glycerol, glycerin


Horses: add 50 g of the preparation to the fodder daily for 7 consecutive days. This should be followed by a three-week break. Repeat the treatment as needed according to the veterinarian's instructions.
In case of large amount of sand in the digestive system and colic: add 100 g to the daily fodder for 3 consecutive days and continue the basic dose.
Do not mix with water or other liquids.

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1 kg (zipper bag)

Psyllium Equine Powder