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Pulmomix S

Pulmomix S is a perfect solution when breathing problems occur thanks to broad activity of its natural ingredients. Mint oil stimulates the respiratory tract. Eucalyptus oil restores natural movements of the epithelium and it supports bronchial secretion clearance. Menthol works anaesthetically and it reduces mucosal irritation. Vitamin A and echinacea extract stimulate and strengthen the immune system.


vitamin A, mixture of flavouring substances, propylene glycol, glycerine (glycerol), technological additives


100-250 ml/1000 L of drinking water for 3-7 days for 8-12h per day. Route of administration: add to water. It is also possible to spray a cumulative dose into the air using a mistmaker.

Available package

1 l (bottle), 5 l (canister), 20 l (canister)

Pulmomix S