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ReViV Paste accelerates regeneration and reduces muscle soreness and fatigue after intense exercise. This allows to overcome fatigue faster and makes training more effective. It replenishes the level of electrolytes and minerals lost through sweat. It helps maintain muscle strength and encourages water consumption. Properly selected amino acids (including BCAA) supported with vitamins stimulate the processes of muscle protein synthesis - which is especially important in the case of sports horses. The addition of herbs specially selected for horses strengthens the body.


sodium, potassium, folic acid, coconut or palm oil esterified with glycerol, aminoacids, soluble parts of barley, dextrose, inositol, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, herbs, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), mixture of flavouring compounds


Horses (500 kg): 50 ml per animal after intense exercise.
Camels: 50 ml per animal after intense exercise.
For best results, use within 1 hour after exercise. Provide the animals with continuous access to water.

Available package

100 ml (syringe)

ReViV Paste